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Wanna Get Away Plus Transferable Flight Credit

Explorer C

Good Morning


I am buying a ticket for my grandson to travel with me. I am going to buy WGA+ in case he ends up not travelling.  I want to make sure the credit for his ticket would be transferable to me.  When I read the rules it says it's transferable between rapid rewards members.  He isn't a rapid rewards member is that going to be a problem?  I don't see a way to set him up a rapid rewards account as a minor.




Re: Wanna Get Away Plus Transferable Flight Credit

Adventurer C

Correct that the credit is transferable as long as your grandson has a RR number. You set up a child account the same way you set up an adult's account. Not sure how old he is, but if he's young and doesn't have an email address yet, you (or his parents) can create a gmail account oh his behalf so that you can create and login to his RR account.