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change flight question

Explorer C

I use to be able to change my flight and it would tell me if the new one selected cost more $ or less $ that I got put into a future credit account. Now when I go to change the flight it says I can only do that 2 times (ok I get that) but it does not show any price difference. Has anyone changed their flight recently without knowing if the new flight costs more or less?  Does it say something about the cost delta after you hit select???  Do not like this.


Re: change flight question

Frequent Flyer C

It sounds like you have a flight that SW changed the time.  When SW changes the flight times, they give you the ability to change your flight to better times at the same price, however it does not show any price differences when you go to change.  If you want to get a price adjustment you have to cancel and rebook the flight, but you would lose that flexibility to get a different flight for the same price. It depends on if you want that flexibility or a cheaper price.  You should see a message at the top of the reservation when you open it that indicates if it has changed, which I think that is the change 2 times message.  

Re: change flight question

Aviator A

Alternatively you could call Southwest and have the agent make the change for you