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Companion Pass Extension

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You communicate this to the public yet deny a reasonable Companion Pass extension to the end of 2021. We will lose over 9 months of travel in 2020 due to higher risk safety concerns. Shameful. I expect more from Southwest Airlines.


Re: Companion Pass Extension

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Not really new news, there's a discussion over here:


Hopefully something will change, stay tuned.




Re: Companion Pass Extension

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"Reasonable" is subjective.  "Shameful" is quite pejorative.  And "we" is rather presumptive.


When the 6 month extension was announced, we were only a couple months into this.  That seems more than reasonable to me. 


Not to mention, SWA is STILL FLYING.  They are maintaining every destination that lets them land.  If YOU choose not to go, that's your choice.  Some of "us" are taking advantage of the reduced demand (and pricing) to actually increase our CP usage. 


The company is losing millions of dollars a month trying to keep its customers serviced and employees employed, it has already extended the best perk in the industry for six months, and you find their behavior "shameful".  I guess we have different definitions of what constitutes "shameful" behavior. 


If you are in  a high-risk group, I have sympathy for your "loss of value".  But I also realize SWA is in NO way using this to their advantage or otherwise making out like bandits on this to warrant such indictments. 


But like you expect more of them.  I guess that is literally true.  My expectations are a bit more pragmatic, I guess.  Do I hope they extend the extension?  Well, their generous bonus points offers just garnered me a pass for 2021, so I suppose it's moot.  Unless I get a free year on top of that.  But I won't be greedy.

Stay healthy.