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Direct Flights from LGA to MCO

Explorer C

When did Southwest discontinue direct flights from LGA to MCO.  I just took a direct flight from MCO to LGA in December of 2021 and now Im trying to book a direct flight and can only find them to Tampa, which is out of the way.


Re: Direct Flights from LGA to MCO

Aviator A

Perhaps you mean nonstop?

Routes and schedules adjust due to demand, profitability, etc. You're welcome to suggest the route return, use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.



Re: Direct Flights from LGA to MCO

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It could return seasonally as well if you look further out. 


I'm not sure what the connections offered were, but there are several good layover spots and sometimes a direct flight with no plane change layover. 





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Re: Direct Flights from LGA to MCO

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Southwest is resuming nonstop service between LGA and MCO on November 12th, but it will be operating on Saturdays only. My guess is because of crew and aircraft shortages and not being able to compete as well with the airlines that have bases in the NY area. There's daily nonstop flights from Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) to MCO. It's likely further away from you though than LGA is.


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