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Southwest needs more flights out of seattle

New Arrival

For the past 5 years I have been flying from seattle to burbank,California on southwest with a connection in the bay area or Sacramento,California.


I moved to seattle 5 years ago from southern California.


As soon as the pandemic started in April 2020 I have unfortunately had to switch to alaska airlines to fly from seattle to burbank.


Southwest is much cheaper than Alaska airlines by a long shot.


Before covid I used to fly from seattle to burbank in 4 hour and 4.5 hours including the connection.


With covid Southwest changed their schedules where the flight from seattle to burbank takes 8 or 9 hours with long layovers in places like Denver and Phoenix.


I hope southwest brings back their pre covid schedule otherwise im stuck with overpriced alaska airlines.


Alaska air for many many years charges $300 oneway for advanced purchase from seattle to burbank non stop plus $30 oneway for each piece of checked luggage. Southwest advanced purchase for seattle to burbank including 2 pieces of checked luggage is $75 oneway including taxes.


Please southwest bring back you seattle to burbank flights with a connection in oak,sjc or smf.


It doesn't make sense for southwest to offer flights from seattle to burbank with connections in Denver and Phoenix with a 5 hour layover.


Re: Southwest needs more flights out of seattle

Top Contributor

Schedule changes have been rough lately. Hopefully once travel starts to pick up more they will add flights back and you can get back to the 4 hour flights instead of 9 hours or the overpriced Alaska flights. 


You can also share your feedback on the route changes with southwest directly though one of these contact methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint