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Traveling with Passport with old name

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hi there! Looking for advice. I am going to mexico in July. I just got married in October. My passport has my old name, and my ID and ticked has my new name (middle name is Maiden name). I didnt want to renew my passport becuase it is still good for a few years. 


Ive heard that if I bring my marriage license and other documents that I will be okay. 


Any advice or experience with this?


Re: Traveling with Passport with old name

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I recommend that you get in touch with Southwest -- click on the Contact Us section at the bottom of the forum pages for options. The email option may be your best bet if there are long hold times given you are traveling in July.


As you are on an international itinerary you will probably need your ticket name to exactly match your passport name and you will use your passport for security at the airport.

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Re: Traveling with Passport with old name

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There are lots of mentions online about using old passport and booking the ticket in the maiden name which seems to be fine. You don't need to show your DL to anyone, so that's immaterial. 


From this prior thread you may need to reach out to Southwest and change the name on the ticket:


Also if you happen to have just purchased a WGA ticket within the last 24 hours you can refund it and then purchase the ticket again with your maiden name. (Or if you had Business Select or Anytime, or if you were flying on points...although separate issue if you have updated your Rapid Rewards account with new name that it won't match.)


If you were looking at a year or two I'd consider doing the renewal. I know it would be painful to renew a passport that has 5+ years left on it though.



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