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Adventurer C

Hello there.🌎

question: Why doesn't Southwest discuss hours or an example of work hours to their trainees or applicants? I was so sadly disappointed as I asked what my "estimate of hours would be" at the FTF interview and was told they couldn't tell me.They said it would depend on my trainers schedule.  I followed up with the recruiter/interviewer via email two other times before training and they did not answer my email (even though they opened it-email tracker) I waited 6 weeks.


When I got to the first week of training, all the employees and trainers said my hours would be start time 4 am.   I was so disappointed and had I known my start time would have been 4 am I would never have accepted the position. ( I live outside of the airport area by over an hour and a half)   SWA please consider discussing estimated work schedules with the applicants so they can make informed decisions.  Thank you so much SWA or anyone who can answer. 😊


Re: Work Schedule


Hi there, @Lisakau808!


Thanks so much for reaching out and for your recommendations on communication surrounding the Operations Agent position. 


Each Employee's training looks a bit different, especially with so many different stations, Employees, training processes, and operational factors to take into account. That can make outlining the full training and New Hire process a bit difficult!


We have worked to ensure all Candidates know that training and work shifts are at a variety of times, and that those are all dependent on our business and operational needs. We also include the question, "If you are selected for this position, after the initial training period, you will be required to work a variety of shifts assigned including mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays and overtime (including shift extensions or full shifts assigned based on seniority). Are you able to work any and all assigned shifts?" in our application process in hopes of better setting expectations about work hours. 


Still, I'm sorry if our Team missed the opportunity to spell that out more clearly or get back to your communication in a more timely manner. Your experience, as a Candidate and New Hire, is so important to us, and we'll continue working to grow and improve!