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Flight Change Questions

New Arrival

I am looking at booking flights from a city about an hour away because the cost is significantly lower.  From the research I've done, if the flight price drops for a WGA flight, I can "change" the flight and get credit for the difference to use at a later time.  


What if I find a more affordable flight out of my city instead?  Can I change the entire flight without penalty?  




Re: Flight Change Questions

Top Contributor

Yes.  In fact, you can cancel the whole trip and get the amount you paid as a travel fund and apply that towards an entirely new reservation.  Only reason you would want to change instead of cancel a reservation is to keep EarlyBird Check-In on the reservation.  If you cancel, EarlyBird goes away and you don't get a refund for that.  If you don't purchase EBCI then you can change or cancel/rebook, it all ends up the same.  You may already know, but just to be clear, the travel funds you get are good for one year from the date you initially purchased the reservation and must be used by the same traveler(s) as was on the original reservation.



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