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Flight status notifications

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Is there a way to automatically get flight status notifications, especially when flights are delayed? I’ve entered my email address but never receive anything. I want to be able to do this permanently and not for every trip, which is a pain. Thanks! 


Re: Flight status notifications

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Someone else can chime in, but I believe I have it defaulted in my profile and then you can select how to be contacted when you book the ticket, in my case I choose text message.


You won't have to go through the "set up alerts" link each time which I think is what you mean about a lot of work each time, but you will have to pick the button for text or email alerts at the time of booking, but the options will be pre-filled


 Edit: here is the page on your profile to make the default methods -

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Flight status notifications

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Yes, pretty sure the setup info from @DancingDavidE is correct, BUT my experience has been that Southwest doesn't always send updates, especially if the delay isn't too significant. Numerous times I've been heading to the airfield, check the Southwest app, and then found out about a delay.


I would recommend that you use another app such as FlightView. You input your flights and it will notify you of any changes. Also let's you see the incoming flight most of the time and you can see if it's arriving on time. It's certainly much more reliable than waiting for Southwest. 


Re: Flight status notifications

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The systems Southwest uses for alerts is buggy at best, and not receiving them is, sadly, an ongoing and frequent complaint.


The "preferred method of contact" should populate from your RR account when you book, but it often doesn't. And this system I've found is very limited -- you may receive a single notification but only if the delay is significant or the flight is cancelled. If the delay changes you'll often not receive another updated notification. I've had flights cancelled and never received an single update, and it's common to be delayed multiple time, and then only receive notification after landing and turning my phone back on. 😕


The 2nd system is Flight Status Notifications, for which you must sign up separately, for each individual flight. This is even more limited, as it only sends a single notification at a preset time prior to departure or arrival. These are fairly robust , in that you'll always receive them, but the information isn't really that valuable.


It's not automatic, but I always check independent sources -- I 2nd TheMiddleSeat's suggestion of using FlightView.