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Flying with a minor?

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Me and my boyfriend will be flying with his 15 year old cousin. We wanted to know if we need any documentation from the minors parents certifying that my boyfriend is able to bring him on the plane with us. Or how does it work, will we need anything? (he will be carrying his passport


Re: Flying with a minor?

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Actually, for the purposes of flying ,  Southwest treats people age 12 and up as   adults - meaning that they can travel by themselves - unaccompanied..


Thus neither your cousin nor you  require any documentation from your  cousins' parents.

Re: Flying with a minor?

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You didn't mention where you will be traveling to, but did mention a passport. If you are flying internationally you will want to have documentation giving parental consent for you to travel with the child.


Here's more information:



Re: Flying with a minor?

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And, if it is international, make sure that letter from the parents (both of them) is notarized. Two years ago, Qatar wouldn't let me on a flight to South Africa with MY daughter because the letter from my wife was signed, but it wasn't notarized. That proved to be really problematic.