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Group travel wait times

Explorer C

I am in a panic! I am a teacher and I’m organizing a trip for 17 students to New York. I have called the group travel line at least twice a week to try to pay the balance on our reservation and have not been able to get through yet. I’ve waited on hold for hours literally. My schedule is complicated by the fact that, in order for my administrator to submit payment, I can only attempt to contact them when school is in session, I’m out of class, and admin offices are open. This means I have 45 min at lunch and 90 min after school. I’ve spent multiple days trying to get through and now weare about to miss the payment deadline! Help! My students have worked so hard for this trip and we can’t afford increased prices. I don’t know what to do!


Ms. Bridgette


Re: Group travel wait times

Aviator A

Unfortunately, there's no good suggestion except to keep trying. The Group Travel department is woefully, perpetually understaffed, and no other department can help with group travel.


Essentially, with group travel at Southwest you gain a small discount, some name change ability and deferred payment while putting up with very, very, very long hold times and limited customer service, and losing the ability to use EarlyBird Check-In.


Good luck.