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Itinerary change without telling us

Explorer C

I had my first vacation in almost 20 years ruined by Southwest and was just wondering if it is common practice for you guys to completely change the itinerary without telling the customer? We were never notified of any changes, we discovered them ourselves when we arrived at the airport.  We arrived a full 6 hours later than we were supposed to and lost over $700 in reservations. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the physical pain it caused. And then to slap us in the face the exact same thing happened on the way home 


Re: Itinerary change without telling us

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that this happened to you.


One question: was this booked thru Southwest, with hotels separately, or was it booked thru Southwest Vacations?


Every airline changes passengers' reservations every day. It could be caused by schedule changes, equipment changes, weather,etc.


Normally when a change happens, the airline should let you now about the change as soon as the airline makes the change - by text message or call if the change is one the day of travel, or by e-mail if the change is fr future travel. That's what has always happened with me, but it apparently did not happen for you.


I'd suggest filing a complaint with Southwest. Perhaps  you can obtain a voucher to compensate you for your trouble.

Re: Itinerary change without telling us

Aviator A

...your first vacation in almost 20 years?


If this is true, then I would have checked your reservation details long before arriving at the airport on the day of your trip to confirm that everything was still in order. Southwest has been changing reservations constantly as demand increases/decreases depending on the destination. 99% of the time they send an e-mail with any changes that they have to make. There is a 1% chance that a change is made without acknowledgement, but this is rare. And *especially* if this happened on your way home as well, why didn't you check before your last day to confirm that everything was in order for the return part of your trip?


This doesn't add up, I'm sorry. If a big trip 20 years in the making was this important, trip details should have been reviewed prior to your trip taking place, not during it. 



Re: Itinerary change without telling us


@Donna2242 I am so sorry you weren't aware of your flight changes! As a peer-to-peer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but I encourage you to Contact Customer Relations to share the details of how you were impacted. 


Thank you,



Community Manager