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Laptop missing

Explorer C

My daughter flew into Vegas on July 27th. She had her laptop on the plane and discovered that someti.e after her flight that she didn't have it in her backpack. She called lost and found and they told her that the plane she was on was grounded and wouldn't be going back out so they told her it should be turned in.  Well still there is no laptop. I would hate to think there are some dishonest  people that clean the planes out.  Seems like they could find out who the people were on that plane that cleaned it out that evening 🤔.. it was a brand new laptop and she hadn't even made her first payment on it yet. I hope that if it was stolen that this will backfire on whomever took it


Re: Laptop missing

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of the lost laptop.


I've heard of very few times that items are returned out of the normal "lost item" procedure.


Recovered items are sent to a central location in Alabama. At that location, an attempt is made to match recovered items with items reported lost. Recovery can take up to 30 days.


If you have not already done so, file a lot items report. Include as much specific information about the item as you can (color, model number, screen size, etc). Including a serial number in the report is the single best thing to do to increase the chances  that you'll get the item back.


I  stick an address label on my phones and computers to make it easier to identify them as mine. Luckily I haven't lost anything yet.


There are lots of reports of people who get their stuff back eventually. It does not happen to everyone though.

Re: Laptop missing

Aviator C

Hoping for the best in this incident.  I would say in such a large industry as the airlines, there will be somebody who is not honest.  Hopefully, this isn't the case in your situation and you get it returned.