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Unused Travel Funds

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I just cancelled a reservation a couple hours ago, how long does it take for the travel fund to appear/processed to be used? I want to use it soon, but it keeps saying I don’t have any even though I put the right name and confirmation. Is this a glitch or does it take a couple days for one to use the funds?


Re: Unused Travel Funds

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My experience is that travel funds are avaialable almost immediately. I can recall times that I cancelled a flight, and then Immediately booked a flight using the travel funds from the flight I just cancelled.

Re: Unused Travel Funds

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Having made the reservation only a few hours ago, you could have also chosen to refund the payment...but the travel funds should be there as soon as the flight is processed initially (the canceling is fast, but it may take a few minutes for it to show up as a purchased flight).


Make sure that you didn't actually get a refund though, in which case you'd be waiting a long time for the travel funds.



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Re: Unused Travel Funds

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If neither of the other two suggestions works, you should contact customer relations and they'll get you taken care of.  Sometimes there are issues and travel funds don't process correctly and customer relations needs to correct it.