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southwest Vacation package credit issues- hotel portion

Explorer C

Anyone else frustrated and feel like they've been mislead with their vacation package refund and 25% bonus on the hotel portion? We've now lost the bonus portion because we didn't use it by 12/15/21 and will lose our base credit for the hotel portion if we don't use it by April yet the original email stated "travel through 9/7/22" which apparently was just specific to the travel funds for the air portion which was never specified by the associate giving me the options (25% bonus OR wait approximately 180 days for a refund). However, we used those already because When id look up the balance on those air credits, the expiration showed 12/15/21 so we didn't want those to expire but figured the hotel portion would still be good until 9/7/22. I feel like they are violating their own terms and conditions because it does not specify travel through 9/7/22 just for air and has no other mention of expiration dates to make me think the hotel portion would suddenly change. I only learned of it when I got the email notifying me the bonus portion would expire 12/15/21 but the base hotel credits would be extended through 4/24/22.


Our original trip was for 4/11/2020 so we did not cancel, it was amid the Covid shutdowns. 

We have attempted to use the vacation fund on a recent and upcoming trip but Southwest Vacations website has had slim pickings on 4 and 5 star hotels since Covid and seem to have less domestically which is all we're currently traveling.


photos of emails for reference. Would love thoughts? Any one else experiencing it or considering a class action lawsuit? Southwest vacations continues to just reiterate that it's for the air portion and won't even address the conditions we were emailed that we agreed to (which I specifically asked for, for this reason).





Re: southwest Vacation package credit issues- hotel portion

Aviator A

Since Southwest Vacations is not related to Southwest Airlines and is actually part of Apple Leisure you probably aren't going to get much help here other than some agreement that Southwest Vacations is a horrible company to deal with.  Good luck



Re: southwest Vacation package credit issues- hotel portion

Explorer C

Thank you! I didn't realize that at time of booking which is my own fault for not doing my homework better. I just assumed southwest would stand behind their name but not realizing they have little control if not related to the flight. They should discontinue that business partnership asap. Never again