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unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent

Explorer C

Southwest airline,

my name is Kyong {redacted}, my confirmation number for the flight that I am about to write about, is {redacted}

I have an online check-in at 6:00 pm flight out from Kona, Hawaii, I arrive at the airport at 5:43 pm due to unexpected traffic, when I arrive at the SW check-in counter I hear the speaker calling my name for the last call for boarding, I saw the gate but have to go through the check box that I asked the SW agent (there were two female agents) to call the gate or assist me since I am few minutes late but am arrive at the airport does not want to miss the plane, the agents was not doing anything but smiling that they are enjoying me rushing.

I went to the security point and take only minutes to go through then arrive at the gate at 5:50 pm, there were two SW female agents then I saw the plane (since it was the small airport the outdoor lamp to the plane) door still remained open, the agent says that was already close, I asked the I have to catch this flight then they say no, not give me the explanation but just keep say no, I say my wife will be waiting that she is not well at home but agent says "no", the door to the plane still remained open that I say the door still open and I'm here 10 minutes before  6:00pm, agent says plain crew did with count and close the guest count which I don't understand why I can not be on board, I asked them I have any other option and they say it was last plane out for the day, then there was another male agents say he will help me getting flight from other airline will depart in 20 minutes but and all they can do I they will log in so I can get the refund, I have to make the reservation my self, I was pretty bump that I don't know what to do so I left went over to other airline counter for flight ticket, purchase my own flight back to home destination in 30 minutes later then original time.  

I knew I came a little late but this was a small airport where if an agent cared about the service then I was able to get into the plane I will appreciate Southwest airline for their customer service care and hospitality, not I felt so bad that I may not be going to flight again with southwest.

I would also asking for refund of my missing flight that agent say i am able get refund if I contact the airline.


my name is;

Kyong {redacted}, {redacted}


Re: unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your troubles.


Every airline has policies about handling situations like these. At some point seats that "belong" to confirmed passengers that are not at the gate on time are  given to standby passengers. At some defined number of minutes before departure time , the doors are deemed closed to any more passengers.


You likely were affected by some combination of the above.


Sorry to be blunt, but next time get to the gate on time.

Re: unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent

Aviator A

you should plan to show up to the airport at least an hour and a half before your flight. I get traffic cash happen but were you originally allowing 30min then hit 10min of traffic? Showing up 17min before the flight left is on you (not the airline) 


next time plan to arrive at least an hour and a half before your flight if your in danger of missing your flight try calling the airline to see if they can move you to another flight. At least in this case they were at least nice enough to try and rebook you instead of saying you were a no show and keeping your funds 


lastly this is a customer to customer forum I recommend removing your personal info (phone number/confirmation number) you can click contact us at the bottom of this page and that form will allow Southwest to respond to your case personally 

Re: unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent

Aviator C

The airline recommends that you arrive at the airport NOT LESS THAN TWO HOURS before the flight is scheduled to leave.  However, you choose not to follow that recommendation and come in within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure.


You failed to follow the airline recommendation and you caused your own hardship.  This is not about Southwest, this is about you.


Next time, get to the airport on time.

Re: unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent


Sorry to hear of your disappointment @c1house


I wanted to let you know I've edited your original post to redact personal information - your confirmation number, contact number, and full name to protect your privacy. 


If you'd like to speak to a Southwest Representative, please reach out to us via the Contact Us link below. 




Re: unable to flight, bad attitude by SW associate guest service agent

Aviator A

The do sometimes leave a little early if they were signed off on all the paperwork and for some reason needed to keep the schedule. 


I'm sorry they weren't able to wait since it was the last flight of the day, but I hope you have better luck getting to the airport earlier as well. 


I cut it close sometimes as well but I'm prepared for the plane to be closed anytime I'm under 30 minutes prior to departure.



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