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Adding KTN to Boarding Pass AFTER online Check-in

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My experience:  I made my reservation first, then applied my KTN to my SWA profile the night before I logged on to do the online check-in, 24 hours prior to my flight.  My KTN was not printed on the boarding pass.  I immediately started searching in the Discussion Forum to find out why my KTN was not printed on my boarding pass.  I thought it would populate since it was saved on my profile.  I found instructions on how to add the KTN to your existing reservation, but you can't do it if you've already checked in, online.  You MUST call the customer service number to have them add it to your reservation.  You could probably have them do it at the airport, but I didn't want to waste any extra time doing extra things.  The rep asked for my confirmation number and had me re-check in.  I did not lose my assigned boarding position.  The words "TSA PRE" were now above my name on my boarding pass.  Apparently, early morning is not a good time to call, they are busy, so I opted to have them auto-call me back and not lose my spot in the queue.  Took them over an hour to call me back to ask my question, but it was a quick 3-minute phone conversation and resolution.  Good job SW!


Re: Adding KTN to Boarding Pass AFTER online Check-in

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Thanks for the info.


FYI: Southwest's systems will not populate a KTN to any existing itineraries if added to your profile after flights are booked. You'll need to either manually add them to each flight yourself or call to have them added. Southwest's systems will populate your KTN to any future itineraries.


If for some reason you don't receive PreCheck, ("glitch"), a phone rep can double-check that the KTN was attached to the itinerary, and add it if necessary without you losing your boarding position -- you can't do that yourself once checked in.

Re: Adding KTN to Boarding Pass AFTER online Check-in

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I had one time I had to get southwest to add my KTN number and when I went to check in again I did lose my boarding pass I think it's a case of someone checked in in the quick min process glad you didn't lose your pass though. But I learned make sure to have that number on every reservation before check in time so I don't have that issue again or if I have to add it after check in take a screen shot of my boarding pass before doing the process again.



Re: Adding KTN to Boarding Pass AFTER online Check-in

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I just had the same problem where I forgot to provide my TSA pre number (aka Known Traveler Number) at the time of booking the ticket. Two hours before the flight, after online checkin, I realized my mistake. But I was able to pull up my reservation in the app  and update the KTN there. And then retrieve the boarding pass again. This time the boarding pass has “TSA pre” printed on it.


In the app, when looking at the reservation, click on “Details” and then on the little edit button next to the passenger name. Then scroll down to KTN and type your number there. Wait a few minutes and retrieve your boarding pass again. That’s it.

Re: Adding KTN to Boarding Pass AFTER online Check-in

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@arorris Thank you for adding to this conversation what KTN means.  I read 3 threads before yours.  Yes, I'm that dumb, but thanks to you, I'm dumb, but know what the topic is now about.