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Canceled flight next day reschedule

Explorer C

Flight canceled and scheduled to the next day.  Customer service worker was extremely rude.  Claimed it was due to weather yet my location - Dallas was sunny and my destination - California was also sunny.  Out of pocket $400 for additional hotel and extra car rental day plus food for 4.  Told there was no help with because the can’t control the weather.  It’s their excuse to get out of being responsible for any mess.  Then they should issue credits when they turn out to be WRONG about the weather!!  Never using SW again. 


Re: Canceled flight next day reschedule

Aviator A

DAL and DFW were under tornado watches and had storms today they had a multiple hour ground stop as well. Also keep in mind your crew has to arrive as well as your plane. weather can affect your flight, even if no weather is present at the time



Re: Canceled flight next day reschedule

Aviator A

Also, the problem can be weather anywhere the plane/crew will visit before getting to Dallas.


So if either are coming from Cincinnati and that city has a weather problem, then that could cause a cancellation in sunny Dallas.