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Should I book another flight?

Explorer C

Headed to Colorado on a snowboard trip, have to check my boards.

I’m terrified of:

Not getting to Denver at all.

Me getting there without my boards or gear.

Flight is Thursday morning - are flights getting back to normal yet? Should I book another airline?


Re: Should I book another flight?

Aviator A

You should be fine, but with another storm coming at Colorado this week, there is risk on all airlines.


As far as your checked bags, statistically, you have a better chance of getting your bag with Southwest than you do with American, Delta or United.

Re: Should I book another flight?

Aviator C

Statistically, you are more likely to have issues with Southwest given the recent disaster.


The statistics that I saw put Southwest in the middle of the pack.  

Re: Should I book another flight?

Adventurer C

I would