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COVID masking protocols non-existent

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I have flown Southwest twice in the past 4 months, and I submitted a complaint after the last time I flew with them, in November, as there was zero effort put forth to require passengers to wear masks on the flight, at any point.


The first leg of my journey this time was great, and the flight attendants took their and passengers safety seriously. During the second leg of my journey, I don't think there was so much as an announcement that masks were required on the plane. I was stuck between two people who weren't wearing masks for a majority of the flight - one of them constantly wiping his nose with his hand. I couldn't have gotten off of that plane fast enough. Both of these individuals communicated directly with flight attendants, and all three flight attendants walked by these individuals when they had their masks down or off. I was appalled and very uncomfortable.


I submitted a complaint in November, and was really hoping for a better experience this time. I understand it is uncomfortable to confront passengers who don't believe in science or about caring for fellow humans, but I think that passengers are owed that, especially if Southwest is going to claim that they are following protocols. 


Re: COVID masking protocols non-existent

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There seem to be far more posts about customers who feel like the crew is taking the mandates far too seriously and yell at everyone the second they take their mask off to eat.  Can't please everyone.



Re: COVID masking protocols non-existent

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@TheMiddleSeat Those saying the crew takes the mandates too seriously would think that any enforcement was too much. Unfortunately, few Southwest flight crews do much to enforce the mandate. A few make a little effort, but most do very little. 

Re: COVID masking protocols non-existent

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My actual, real world experience is that they are very clear about the regulations, and I often hear flight attendants reminding of the rules both over the PA and directly to flyers.


It's unfortunate that flight attendance have to police this, but all my observations have indicated that they are doing a good job.


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Re: COVID masking protocols non-existent

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I flew on United last year, and the flight crew was constantly going up and down the aisle, reminding people to pull up their masks. Announcing is not enforcing. I fly pretty much every week, and I never hear flight attendants address individuals about masks. I certainly never hear anything after takeoff.