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Deplaning screwup !!

Explorer C

LUV doing a good job up to deplaning. I took (2) flights this week and LUV does great up to 

deplaning. When the pilot parked the aircraft - in both cases - everyone jumped up and 

social distancing went down to 1-2 feet as everyone got in a close line!!! This is BAD! 

*** LUV could easily fix this by insisting fliers stay seated UNTIL the passengers in the 

row ahead have left!! LUV do you have a response to this issue??


Re: Deplaning screwup !!

Aviator A

Unfortunately people will always jump up out of their seats as soon as the plane parks at the gate and the fasten seatbelt sign turns off regardless of a card or announcement saying to stay seated until the row in front of you moves because some may have a tight connection and others are just in a hurry to get off the plane. The Flight attendants can make announcements but it really depends on the passengers if they will follow the instructions. 


Your welcome to send your feedback to Southwest though one of these methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint  this way they can pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams for consideration. 



Re: Deplaning screwup !!

Aviator A

@CoachTom I wish it could be that simple. You are not the first person to point this out, but de-planing has always been chaos on any airline in the US even prior to COVID. The ones who "jump right up" will always frustrate the few who remain seated until it is time for them to walk off the plane.


If Southwest can get folks to remain seated until it is their turn, I will be so very impressed. 


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Deplaning screwup !!

Explorer C

Hi Elijah, 

   Thanks for thought. I think there's ample evidence that most people will obey a rule 

if explained and enforced  (stay in your seat until plane has come to a complete stop and pilot has turned on lights). When people realize their time to deplane is virtually the 

same as sitting or standing...I bet most people would obey. It's too bad that final flurry of activity defeats the hours of social distancing.....a temporary FAA rule or guideline might have some effect. Good luck!

Re: Deplaning screwup !!

Aviator C

You've now seen another example of why the average person is merely of average intelligence.   


Chances are half the people on the plane are below average.   I guess the other half just follow suit without thinking. 


I just sit there trying to figure out how most of them will make it home safely.   The world out there is so much more complicated than deplaning.


We may never know...

Re: Deplaning screwup !!

Adventurer C

Though it seems logical to have people stay seated, they are still rather close.  Being seated would be better.  


But, reality then shows if everybody stayed seated until the row ahead of them left, the de-boarding would take much longer.  Ever watched how a few people never begin to get thir bag from the overhead, or get other stuff together until time to leave - and make EVERYONE else wait while they deal with things.  Drives most people (me) nuts.


Also, some of the people in the back would just stand up and leave bypassing those that are following the "rule".  Just not going to happen.