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front of wings or behind wings

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this Question is for the FREQUENT Flyer! the Passenger seating position,..better to be.. in front of the wings... or behind the wings?......Please keep in consideration I am Referring to the BEST In (OF) All *Aspects!...(visual, noise, ect!)........(*Exception is rest- rooms)...........Thanks!............................


Re: front of wings or behind wings

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In favor of the front:


  • It's a little quieter in front of the engines for sure.
  • If you are sitting in the window the wings won't obstruct the view looking forward.
  • Faster to deplane.


Against the front:

  • The very front section usually fills up every seat, even on partially full flights. If you want a better chance at an empty middle, head back a little ways.
  • No waiting in line for the restroom at the front - mainly a concern on longer flights.
  • Hectic during boarding, if you need to make any phone calls before takeoff head to the back for a few extra minutes of peace.

TBD...where is the wifi sending the strongest signal? Not sure yet. Maybe someone else knows the antenna(e) location. 


Overall if I'm traveling solo I try for the extra legroom exit row so i can use my laptop...I don't care if the seat reclines or not. I also like right before the wing, the overhead bins can fill up there and people head to the back looking for space, so it's a good location to score an emtpy middle seat.


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Re: front of wings or behind wings

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The middle section of the plane has more room if you want a window seat then if you sit in the back or front. 

Re: front of wings or behind wings

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I am a frequent flyer who records take-offs and landings. This is a very difficult question for me to answer.

#1- The best seat is infront of the wing with a full window view. This would be in rows 2-4 but are usually occupied by pre-boarders.


#2- The next best seat is immediate behind the wings. I enjoy seeing/recording how the wings manuver during takeoff, desent, and landing. Just so awesome to see.