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Explorer C

Hi, I booked flights to New Orleans for my girlfriend and I this new years. Our trip was canceled due to this whole disaster. I lost $1,900 on our air b n b and other expenses such as clothes and things to prepare for the trip. In addition I want my refund. I got credits, I requested the money back on my card and I cannot get a hold of anyone that works for Southwest. Please can anyone give me some advice how to receive my money, credits, and compensation for all this stuff.


Re: Call Back

Aviator A

Information about requesting refunds and submiting requests for reimbursement can be found here:



Re: Call Back

Aviator C

Keep in mind that asking for a refund and compensation for damages are not the same.  There is a large question being raised right now if Southwest is going to be liable for damages given the scope of the disaster.


I am not a lawyer, but when you knowingly enter into business with people and you know your system is deficient, you have exposure that because you knew the risks, you should have been more prepared.  The legal community will argue that Southwest should have exercised reasonable caution and had better systems.