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Re: Extension of Companion Pass

Aviator A

@soxfan82 What we have seen is that SW is evaluating things as we go. Which makes sense given they unknown of how long we will be battling the pandemic.


Before they first announced to extend benefits several months ago, I was worried because I have not travelled any.  So far, I'm happy with what SW is doing.


I would recommend sitting tight to see what will develop as we move forward.  Just because there isn't an announced plan for folks in your situation doesn't mean there might not be if things continue as they are.


Feel free to message SW customer relations directly using Contact Us below to share your thoughts with them as well.


Fingers crossed! 🙂


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Extension of Companion Pass

Adventurer C

Yeah, agreed - they generally do the right thing.

Also, I realized I made a typo in my earlier message (which I've fixed). I earned my CP in 2020, not this year. I got it in March, 2020, good thru December 31, 2021 - so I basically lost all of 2020, and now here we are in 2021 and things are still tough out there - and the extensions they've done don't help me because I already had the CP thru Dec 31 anyway. If I had earned it in 2019 and it was set to expire in 2020 and they they extend that thru the end of 2021, that's cool. But basically because I earned mine in Q1 2020, I'll end up having a CP for nearly 2 years with no way to have EVER used it and no extension. That really stinks.

Re: Extension of Companion Pass

Aviator C

"With no way to have ever used it"?  That's a bit of inaccurate hyperbole.


I'm sitting in Maui right now, thanks to the CP.  I flew around the world twice last year, thanks to the CP.  So there's definitely plenty of ways to use it.   I'll be in Vegas next weekend and Denver the weekend after. 


Granted,  I'm a little bummed the CP I earned for this year I would have gotten for free,  but who am I to be greedy?


With the vaccine on the way,  any gripes about having nowhere to go this year is entirely false. 


In fact,  instead of extending it,  I wish they would give all CP members a bonus pass so it becomes a 4 person "Family Pass".  That's what I have right now using the promotional pass for Jan and Feb.   Twice the revenue and fewer empty seats. 

Re: Extension of Companion Pass

Explorer C

Such great news...Yay!  Thank you @NicoleAshley