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Cancelling a Wanna Get Away Plus reservation

Adventurer B

Okay, I'm a little paranoid to cancel a WGA Plus reservation until I ask here.  Once before,  I cancelled one, and I THINK the option/link to TRANSFER the funds to another RR member showed up on the screen BEFORE I clicked "Cancel."


This time....first of all when I clicked to cancel flite, I got the message about "sorry your flite has been you want to make a change" etc etc.  I think the software is key-ing off the flight change situation.


The reservation screen DOES show this is a WGA Plus Fare.  However, this is the final thing:  It shows the paid amount $308.48,  Underneath says "Funds will be held for future use."  And underneath that is the CANCEL button.


If I hit cancel, will it take me to a screen with the option to transfer the funds to a RR member??


This is kinda critical becuz the reservation is for my husband, who rarely travels with us.  And of course, again becuz of his job, he cannot go on our trip.  So I REALLY want to be able to transfer the funds to MY RR account.  Otherwise they will prob sit in his a long long time.


I hope I have adequately described my scenarior.  Thanks in advance.




Re: Cancelling a Wanna Get Away Plus reservation

Aviator A

If you hit the cancel button, the next screen you;ll see is one that confirms the flight has been cancelled and the funds retianed for future use.


If you want to transfer the funds , then go into the travel funds portion of the  account, and it will show the travel fund and it will indicate that it is eligible for transfer.

Re: Cancelling a Wanna Get Away Plus reservation

Adventurer C

You are correct that the message is linked to a flight change.  If the flight has changed, and it does not work for you, you can receive a refund instead of transferring the funds to someone else.  (You can also change your flight with no charges as long as it is the same origin/destination).  However, if you want to keep the funds and just transfer it then you will see that when you deposit the credit into your RR account.  You will go to the credit section and it will identify it as transferrable.  If you want a refund, I believe you need to call and have them issue the refund:


Here is their policy.

If you decide not to travel as a result of a Southwest-initiated schedule change, you can choose to either a) receive a method-of-payment refund or b) hold the value of the ticket as a flight credit that you can use to buy a future flight. Learn more about refunds and flight credit.

Still have questions? Please call us at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA.