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Double charge

Explorer C


I have a question. I booked my flights today, received confirmation and all was well. I logged into my bank account and saw two charges from Southwest. One was for the actual ticket price of $884. The second charge from them was for $913. I checked the app and saw only the one reservation for $884. I called and the agent checked her system using my card number and she only showed the one transaction of $884. She suggested I call the bank regarding the $913 charge. Both charges are pending.  Does anyone know why Southwest would do this?


Re: Double charge

Aviator A

It's just pending, no need to worry about it. 



Re: Double charge

Frequent Flyer C

You might have booked a reservation and canceled it which is why it is still pending. Usually those will clear up in a couple days. If it does not go away and actually posts to your card statement, you should have the bank look into the transaction. I’m assuming that it will go away since there is no record of it when you called.

Re: Double charge

Aviator A

You don' t pay for pending charges. They do not show up on your monthly statement. If the airline does not follow up with a confirmation to your bank, the pending charge will simply vanish at some time in the future.