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Southwest Customer Service is Terrible.

Explorer C

I purchased an upgrade flight for BUR to LAS  to KCI.


I upgraded flight #698. It showed Flight #698 as I checked out. When the boarding refreshed it showed as #1194 that was upgraded.

THATS NOT the flight I wanted.


I had a live chat with customer service yesterday online and I was informed there is nothing they can do, and I’d have to do this in person.

Okay, yes I am disappointed because why can’t your representatives fix my issue? Whatever. I’ll do it and hope that there are seats available.

We get here to Burbank and ask a question and the gentlemen here says that I have to do this upgrade when we land in LAS. Okay, thanks sir. Again. Why can’t service representatives do anything except say they can’t do something not off of to a good start.


I try again on my southwest app. Guess what? No more seats available. Great! Thanks a lot Southwest. You’ve been officially worthless in wasting my energy, my time, my waiting, and now 60$ I didn’t even want to spend to upgrade my boarding position.

Guess what happened next? I called Southwest to speak with someone for something to happen. I’m guessing this won’t surprise you but your representatives couldn’t help me. I was told to

“contact our customer relations because there’s no managers available, and nobody here that can help me out”


I made sure I had the right flight upgraded, Southwest jacked that up. I tried to get it fixed, nobody could help me. I call customer service and I’m told to spend more of my time fixing southwests mistakes. This isn’t right. When I make a mistake as an employee. Do I dare say “I can’t fix your issue. Go waste your time to fix the problem yourself.” WHAT?! That’s insane. This is dumb from your company to first of all already waste an hour of my time calling, and now to write this email on my phone.


Your customer service team is officially worthless and there’s nobody on staff to even help me out when you made the mistake.

Now, if I made this mistake I take full responsibility but I did not. Southwest did.


This has to be fixed because I didn’t need this upgrade and better policies need to be in place to support the customer that pays for you to live luxuriously from all the flying profits gains by screwing over customers like this. Let’s not even get started on your irresponsibility from last years airplane meltdown. Amateur status

I Chose a Southwest credit card and I have flied with them because their customer service has been unparalleled. The first issue I have had, it went to crap fast. Not a single representative I had contact with had any concern for my issues. I doubt this forum post will and I’ll be told to just “suffer the loss and deal with it” 


Whats the point of having a team of customer service representatives that have no authority to help anyone out? 

Anyone considering getting a credit card and actually using Southwest in a routine? Think twice.  

When you need them the most. They won’t be there for you. 


Re: Southwest Customer Service is Terrible.

Aviator A

Alright, you had a tiket forWN698 - right?


Did you also have a ticket for WN 1194? If not, I don;t see how you could have purchased an upgade for it.


I'm confused.

Re: Southwest Customer Service is Terrible.

Aviator C

My call to Southwest today was excellent.  

Re: Southwest Customer Service is Terrible.

Explorer C

Such incidents can indeed impact the overall trust and satisfaction with a service provider.


Re: Southwest Customer Service is Terrible.

Explorer C

I just had this exact same situation happen to me. Were you able to get a refund or credit issued?