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Mexico City

Explorer C

I have had the worst experience of my life with southwest in Mexico City.

I was not allowd to board the flight out even though i was preregistered. I was 20 minutes late and no one was at the checkin desk. My travel partner was at the gate trying to help.  She was told a representative of SWA was at the counter by Carlos Calderon the supervisor,  but all jis employees were at the gate with him. 

I re purchased a flight the next day,the only available one. When I attempted to check in Carlos, supervisor, was at the gate.  He saw my passport and recognized my name. He refused to allow me to fly on the flight out. He forced his assistant to not allow me to get my bording pass saying i was a security risk. Never wes security called. This is against SWAs own polocy.

I purchaced a ticket on American airlines with a very nice employee.

I am informed by SWA that the have no control of employees in Mexico.

I spent an extra day, payed for a hotel, and was forced to buy a ticket just to get out of Mexico. 

Worst customer service ever. 

Airline witha heart. NOT SO. 


Shame on SWA.

I have to say that I am disappointed. I flew SWA to many countries and never have i even herd of someone who has the authority to block a payed customer to board a flight.

What are you going to do about this?


Re: Mexico City

Aviator A

Sounds like a rough experience.


Since this is a customer forum, I would recommend reaching directly to SW customer relations at 855-234-4654 to share your experience. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Mexico City

Aviator C

@Bslotafly I had  somewhat of a similar experience when I was in Cabo. I lost my passport and with the help of the American Government I was able to gain access back to the States. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the airport the last flight had already boarded. The feeling of being stuck in another country is not a great feeling. To add injury to the situation of missing your flight, you had a terrible experience with SW, and now out of pocket expenses come into play. 


Just as @elijahbrantley suggested, contact SW. If I was you, I would take blame for being 20 minutes late, but focus on the delivery and hospitality by the employees. The service is where the situation went from bad to worse. Remember to be kind to whoever you are speaking to at SW. The situation was not caused by that employee and all they want to do is help. 


My experience with SW has been the best customer service and aims to turn around any bad situation. 


Good luck! 


SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Mexico City

Retired Community Manager



You got two great responses, and I echo the sentiment that we'd love to talk to you about your experience. Please reach out to our Customer Relations Department so a Representative can address the situation. We know that travel can be a stressful experience, but there is never an excuse for poor Customer Service.