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Budget Rent a Car

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I don't like to take the time to write negative reviews, but feel obligated to warn other customers to be careful of Budget Rental Car fraudulent practices. I had a rental car reservation made through Southwest Airlines (and I have the reservation receipt) for a rental in Sacramento from 9-12-16 through 9-16-19, for $311.96. When I returned the car, I noticed later that night that Budget charged my card $342.66. I sent an email to Budget Customer Service that evening showing my reservation receipt, and asking them to refund the overcharge, assuming it was an error. Budget replied that because I picked up the car at 10:30 am instead of 10:00 am, "the original quoted rate no longer applied as the reservation was modified, and a different rate/additional fee that met your new rental parameters was applied to your contract."
Nowhere does the rental reservation say the rate would be changed if I picked up the car 30 minutes from the reservation time, which would be impossible to do factoring flight delays, baggage claim time, rental car shuttle waits, rental car counter wait time, etc. I waited in line nearly 30 minutes at the rental counter! Also, the later time obviously did not extend the time of the rental.
Be sure to check your receipt and compare to make sure you are not fraudulently charged extra without your knowledge or consent. I am shocked and disappointed at the brazen disregard for the consumer and the dirty business practice.

Re: Budget Rent a Car

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Ouch, that sounds rather excessive for a minor schedule change. I would guess if you scream loud enough Budget might adjust the charge, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth the hassle. 



Re: Budget Rent a Car

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That's a new one to hear.  Picking up early I could possible understand but 30 minutes late doesn't make sense.  I'd escalate with the rental car company, especially if you were waiting in line.   Something doesn't sound right.

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