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Error on SW App

New Arrival

I keep receiving Error 400620347 on the SW app. I realize I've changed the flight several times, but the error message makes it impossible to see the current flight. My concern is when I fly, I'm not going to be able to check in or access the boarding pass for the flight. I'm not trying to change the reservation, I just want to be able to access the existing reservation. What can I do to resolve the issue. I've reinstalled the app several times.  That didn't work. 

Thanks for your help!


Re: Error on SW App

Top Contributor

Is there a message with the error number? Example "this flight has been cancelled" or "unable to connect"


Have you tried to pull up the reservation on the full website? If not I would try that and see if you get the same error. 



Re: Error on SW App

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Have you contacted SWA either by phone or social media?  I would start there for clarification. 

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Re: Error on SW App

New Arrival

Thanks for your help! I was able to get the issue resolved. I had to call customer service, but they were able to resolve the issue.

Re: Error on SW App

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This seems to happen to me often enough, usually due to flight changes or other issues which are even more common these days. 


As stated, your safest fallback is a phone call.   But also trying the website vs the app sometimes clears up the issue. 


 Not so easy these days when we're all running around on our phones, but worth a try.