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Lost Luggage

Explorer C

I recently went on a trip to Orlando.  Shopped all day the first day and bought a lot of things I had been saving up for.  Fast forward to my trip home: I bought one of the $25 bags to put all my new stuff in at the airport bc nothing extra fit in my overpacked suitcase.  My bag was lost.  Never found.  And Southwest could care less.  I never expected such a lack of empathy, concern, or customer service from an airline that is supposed to have the best service and supposed to care about it’s customers; denied 100% of my claim.  I have been A List for years and Southwest just lost a customer.  I fly weekly and will be taking all of my business elsewhere.  And Southwest still does not care.  Sigh.


Re: Lost Luggage

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your bag was lost. Did you file a report at the airport within 4 hours of your flight arriving? If yes did you follow up with receipts within the 21 day time frame specified on the report?