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Previous Credit

Explorer C

I have a previous credit for 217.96 from flight.  I scheduled a flight on 4/21 assuming my remaining balance would be put toward my new flight.  After booking I did call SW that vary day but due to long hold times I was unable to reach a live person.  I have since called but again experience delays in waiting. 


Today I finally was able to get to a live body only to be told the balance of my account was past the 24 hours and I would need to call SW Customer Support. I am on hold as we speak now trying to get through. 


Can someone apply my balance of 217.96 to the new flight I was just billed?  thanks for your support, Beth 


Re: Previous Credit

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum we are unable to help you here.  You will need to contact Customer Relations.  I suggest you just delete your entire post or at least remove your name and confirmation number since it could be used by someone else to book flights.

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Previous Credit

Aviator A

Lemme get this right. You bought  ticket with cash, thinking that a travel fund would cover part of the cost,, but that's not what happened.


once  ticket is purchased there is no way to change the manner of payment for that ticket.


You are allowed to cancel any ticket an get a full refund - as long as you  do s within 24 hours of buying the ticket. Maybe that will help.