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SouthWest Stun Gun Policy

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Hello SouthWest Community,


Pardon my long post but I am curious on what SouthWest Airline's policy is when it comes to Integrated Lithium Battery Stun Gun(s) in Checked Baggage. My fiancé was checking in for her flight within the states and she had a Stun Gun she planned on bringing for self defense in her checked baggage. Two representatives at the counter have denied her checked baggage until the Lithium Battery Stun Gun was removed. Since Stun Guns are not allowed in carryon, then she cannot take the stun gun with her. I tried to search around in the forum and policies and I cannot find much information regarding the ban of Stun Gun and Lithium Batteries under 100Wh on SouthWest Airline. I read through TSA policies regarding Stun Gun:


and Lithium Batteries less than 100Wh:


So far, I tried to read through SouthWest Policies regarding Stun Guns and Lithium Batteries; besides Pepper Spray ban by the airline, there are no restrictions regarding Stun Guns that I can find. The Lithium battery used by the stun gun can not be used as a power bank, and it is an integrated battery within the device so it is not a loose or spare battery as stated here in the battery section:


The battery does not appear to be damaged, defective, nor was it recalled. Even if viewed as a PED, the policy states that:


"...the device must be switched off and measures must be taken to ensure it cannot be accidentally activated when placed in checked baggage."


However... stun guns are not PEDs; they're not firearms/ammunition. So after all the stuff I typed out to this point, are they considered a Smart Bag? Just for the fact that it is a device with integrated Lithium Battery(the stun gun is NOT a BAGGAGE that contains the integrated battery though)? Or is this a misrepresentation of SouthWest staffs on their policies?


I'm asking this question in hoping to achieve a conclusion for future reference and for future customers that will be or wishes to fly with SouthWest that may have this question in mind (I couldn't find much regarding SouthWest Airline policy on integrated lithium battery powered stun gun). The only thing I saw about Stun Gun was an answer in the Pepper Spray post which the person was rejected service for trying to bring on stun gun/taser and/or pepper spray. If there are any references, please post them!


Thank you.


Re: SouthWest Stun Gun Policy

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Well, it appears that the FAA would allow it in checked baggage:


The prohibition on lithium batteries in checked baggage applies to loose (spare) batteries and certain items with an established history of battery ignition. If it's good enough for the FAA, it should be good enough for the airline.


I'd suggest that you contact customer service to get a formal ruing. I'd suggest getting it in writing so that you would be able to show a wayward Southwest employee who does not




Re: SouthWest Stun Gun Policy

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Agreed.  TSA really determines checked bag security protocol.

My the TSA restrictions and don't offer details to the ticket agents that really don't matter and may confuse them.