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The Proof is in the Pudding

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For all the "numbers" junkies out there, this little snapshot shows how our Customers responding to our recent enhancements and announcements. The proof is in the pudding with these Southwest records: As some of you may recall, On Nov. 8, 2007 we launched several new products including our new fare structure, a new way to board our aircraft, and the extreme gate makeover. · This was also the largest booking day EVER for Southwest Airlines, across all channels (, Reservations, etc). Woo-hoo!! In December, many of our top airports like Philadelphia and Oakland continued to get great ratings from our Customers–during our peak operating time. Specific examples of what percent would be likely to recommend us to friends and family (giving us at least 7 out of 10 on a 10 point scale) for travelers on Dec. 10 are listed below: · SFO - 90 percent · PHL - 94 percent · OAK - 95 percent Jan. 9, 2008 – just two short months later – we optimized our flight schedule systemwide and announced new nonstop service to six new cities from the Mile-High City (Denver). · This announcement spurred the second largest booking day EVER for Southwest Airlines. · Denver bookings soared 169 percent over last year and 76 percent over the week prior. I love fact hunting more than anything. : )
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When is Southwest going to add Minneapolis???
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I'm a Denver customer, so glad that you're providing good alternatives to big airlines (one especially that shall remain nameless). I appreciate your rethinking the boarding process, but I fail to see the point in assigning places in line but not actual seats. Frankly, it doesn't help all that much. I mean it's nice to have your place reseved in line but it's MUCH better to have an assigned seat. Please reconsider going with preassigned seats!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to see Southwest Airlines in Minneapolis. It would be even better if they were at the HHH terminal. Never have a wait at security. All Southwest has to do is go to key cities like Chicago, Kansas City, and Denver to start with. This would allow you to fly to 90% of Southwest cities with just one stop or less. You could probably do it with two planes out of MSP. Sun Country at MSP really isn't a discount airline and Northwest rips off everyone when they get the chance. Please Southwest, listen to what your customer want.
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i'm sure this is the wrong place to ask, but i've searched and searched for an answer and found nothing. can i bring my cat to fly with me? and how much will it cost?
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I agree that Philadelphia is a great airport -- why don't you offer service to/from Hartford anymore? This really sucks.
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Steve: First off, what a great post time! 7:37pm! Second, SWA does not allow pets to travel unless they are a service animal. Our Contract of Carriage outlines that on page 21. See it online at Safe Travels Justin Noble SWA Internal Audit
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What US CITY is a leading supplier to the aerostructures manufacturing business of which SWA does not offer service????? *** WICHITA KS. *** To my friends at SOUTHWEST, there is a MARKET in WICHITA!!! SWA is known for it's short haul flights, so why not look at STL - ICT, DAL - ICT, TUL - ICT, MDW- ICT, DEN - ICT.
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Hey Jack go to Southwest Airlines does not accept live animals in the aircraft cabin or cargo compartment other than fully trained assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability or being delivered to a person with a disability.
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For Jack that was looking for info on his cat... The short answer is that Southwest does not carry live animals other than assistance animals for the disabled.
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Its great that you added service to Denver and Minneapolis. BUT Southern Illnois University in Carbondale is the most underserved univeristy community there is. Their student population is from Chicago, and other communities surrounding Chi . Yet the only way to get there is a 6 hour drive or a 8 hour train ride. Midway Airlines flew down there before they moved. How about giving the stuents and their parents a break and letting them fly from Chicago to Carbondale, Il and frm St. Louis to Carbondale?
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Would like to see more improvement made to Dallas Love Field. Also there needs to be better roadway markings making it easier for out-of-town people driving into Dallas
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Great Stats! Could you post stats like that more often? Has people thought of upgrading the mobile website? I think that doesn't have he capabilities it has potential for. I've seen some other airlines' mobile sites and they are far more handy. I believe retrieving flight schedules, getting airport weather, being able to see your MySouthwest account, as well as changing, cancelling, or even booking a flight should be able to be done on a mobile phone. Those would be exellent features to make travel productivity much higher! I hope other people would like to see the mobile site be developed further. Thanks for all your hard work. You're the best airline here in the US!
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I am an SJC customer. I hope with your push in SFO you aren't planning on cutting service. My most routine flights are from the SF Bay area to the LA area. SJC-SNA is a Godsend. You have practically taken over the A terminal at SJC anyway. Any chance of adding service from SJC-LGB to combat Jet Blue? I like flying in and out of the smaller airports, or at least the less crowded ones.
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Southwest would have been a great way to end a vacation exceptÃ
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Hey there - I am sure you are all swamped with the ATA going out of business and I understand that you have to deal with immediate passengers, but I have a question: Are you really going to get me an alternative flight or come June when you have time for me I will get a refund and then tickets are 3x the cost? One See I booked 4 tickets to Hawaii and its the trip of a lifetime for my family. We are stopping for a few days in Las Vegas each way. I booked hotels, excursions, cars, etc. around these flights. I can't get an answer when Southwest will get to me and if I wait and you don't get me a new flight - well then I may not be able to pay for the cost of the tickets. I spoke to an agent today who said that Southwest may not even accomodate me at all. Then I called another agent who said they will through August 22nd. I just want to understand what is going to happen and when I can expect a call. The email said call after April 7th. I did. Now they are telling me May 3rd. Any information would help.
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Please come to Minneapolis and show Northworst how to run an airline!!!!
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Please come to Minneapolis!!!!! Pretty please!
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Philadelphia Airport is the worst in the world. This airport is pure disaster and agony. Southwest - please, please add flights to Harrisburg and/or Allentown, PA
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I concure with Steven, Blake, and V. Allen. PLEASE consider adding Minneapolis. My daughter at UMN - Twin Cities (and her poor parents) would appreciate it. We would love to see MSP as an option.
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Southwest, please come to Minneapolis-St Paul (MSP). The airport is in dire need of a quality, discount airline like Southwest. You could make the marketplace a lot more competitive and still be very profitable by offering at flights to Chicago and Indianapolis. Furthermore, there are over 3.2 million people in the Twin Cities that don't have access to a quality, discount airline like Southwest. Finally, Northwest has a near monopoly of the Twin Cities and it is time for them to face more competition in terms of service and price.
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Please consider adding Minneapolis as new SWA city. Big market, NWA needs the competition, Sophisticated traveling population, Very large business segment. High volumes to all your other direct and connect locations with big winter travel volume to all your southern destination markets.
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I have flown SWA for business and and for pleasure for the past 6 years. I have lived14 years in San Francisco and the past 2 in Chicago taking advantage of the hospitality of Southwest and it's low fares. I am in the air about 6x a month traveling back and forth around the Midwest for business, it is so convenient and easy. One thing is plaguing this relationship, I was born in Minnesota and haveto travel NWA to get home and spend time with the Family. Flying to Detroi, Cleveland, Columbus, St. Louis and even Indianapolis is around $120. The current price for a RT fight to MSP is around $400. What is wrong with this picture. I would like to support Southwest in getting their butts in MSP or HHH and would do so frequently. Let's do this Southwest! What is the time frame on this?
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I realize I am off the topic of this post but I would like to join the chorus of pro in-cabin comments on your blogs. I have a small dog (MinPin) weighing 12lbs. I fly 4 or 5 times a year and he always travels with me. We fly on Continental, Delta, Southwest and United. It would appear that Southwest is the only airline that does not accomodate in-cabin pets. I have enjoyed flying Souhwest in the past but due to this policy I have not used your airline in 4 years. I would like to resume patronage of Southwest as the route schedules are more convenient for my regular destinations. In four years Southwest has missed at least 10 revenue making opportunities with me, not including the additional revenue from the pet fees. It would be interesting to know the cost/benefit analysis behind this policy. From my perspective it is a lose lose for Southwest. You lose loyal customers and the opportunity to expand your user base and you lose out on the real revenue provided by the pet fee.
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Please, Please come to Minneapolis. I have not taken a flight out of MSP since ATA went out.
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I am from Minnesota originally, but live in LA now. I go home at least 4 times a year. I love Southwest! Thank you.
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Getting a presence in Minneapolis will open up many new routes for both personal and business travel that do not exist now. My wife is from Minnesota and now living in St Louis I have to pay an arm and a leg to fly there unless I book months in advance. I do enjoy northwest except they have had not competition in the Minneapolis market and would be kept in check if you opened the options and you would lure many travers
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I too would appreciate a seat assignment.

I have a disability which makes it difficult to stand in line for long periods, or at all.

and If I stand RIGHT before boarding, people look at you like you are cutting in line, and THEN, there are some that are in the WRONG # spot all together.



What verification can I bring to prove my disability.

To look at me you may not know I have a disability, however, after extensive back surgery, shoulder surgery and osteoarthritis

it can be stressful to stand in line, AND difficult to sit in a middle seat due to shoulder pain, and lack of support in a middle seat.

I don't care to have to pay for early boarding everytime I fly just to avoid a middle seat.

I can sit either window or aisle whichever, but would be very pressed to sit for 2 hours on any flight without one or the other seats.

What are my options?

Aviator A

You should probably start a new thread @moxieindenver but hopefully I can answer. You shouldn't have to provide a doctor's note or anything, the gate agent should take your word for it that it is necessary when you check-in. If they ask (they shouldn't) just describe the issue with past surgeries and arthritis.


I don't worry about jumping in to line at the last second though, that's the great thing about the numbered positions. Find the person that would otherwise be behind you and let them know that you can't stand that long and you'll be hopping in front of them at the scanner, it should be fine. It isn't anyone else's business.


Or if you have something in the middle of the A's, just wait for A60 to roll by and jump up then, you'll still have plenty of aisles or windows. You'll have to stand in the jetway though. You'll be better off pre-boarding.