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2021.. WiFi still sucks

New Arrival

I know Southwest has no interest in fixing this issue.  We've been complaining about the crappy WiFi since 2017 and SWA hasn't done a thing about it. 

 I'm just hoping to prevent other passengers from paying for the WiFi. Save yourself the headache of trying to get the refund and you watch the free TV. The WiFi is crap and you can barely retrieve emails. 


Re: 2021.. WiFi still sucks

Top Contributor

Yes, wifi seems to be a continuing problem.


In case you haven't noticed, every airline is in survival mode due to virus.  Last year SW lost over $3,000,000,000 (that's a lot of zeroes) on continuing operations because people stopped flying..


I suspect that SW will eventually fix the wifi problems, but I believe it's attention now is on figuring out how to  stay in business. - as is the case with every airline.