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Afraid to fly Southwest

Explorer C

It seems like every day there is another news story about violent passengers, frustrated and fearful flight attendants, calls for more air marshals... I'm scared.


There are so many rules, and the consequences are dire. If one sips too long on a drink, uses words to speak to a flight attendant instead of using a finger code... I'm never going to get this straight. And we're told to snitch on our neighbors by reporting "unwanted behavior."


Of course this is after we've ensured that our liquids are in a plastic bag, our shoes have been scrutinized, it just seems like a massive world of rules and admonishments, warnings and fines.


Are there Southwest flights that are calm? Are there crew who are engaging and friendly, who really want us to fly on their airline? Are there flights in which the passengers aren't knocking teeth out?


I have a flight in a couple of weeks (and then another two weeks later). I keep thinking of cancelling because I'm too afraid of a toxic environment. How do others cope with this anxiety? I would ordinarily turnt to a flight attendant for help, but---I admit--I am far too afraid. 

Since I'm disabled, I'm even more afraid of getting kicked off. I wear a mask with no difficulty, but there have been all of these news reports of children with autism getting kicked off, and the passengers applauding. What if I'm seated, buckled in, wearing a mask, using fingers and not words, but there is some misunderstanding?






Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Frequent Flyer C

"Are there flights in which the passengers aren't knocking teeth out?"

Yes.  In fact, there are thousands of flights a day where this does not happen.  



Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Aviator A

As I've said before, no one posts on social media or calls the news when their flight is uneventful and on time. Keep in mind that you only hear about the few negative experiences and not the majority of flights that are boring.



Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Aviator A

I flew last weekend, and will fly again this weekend, and I flew several times last year, and I've never felt safer flying Southwest.


I don't know about these unruly passengers on other airlines, but I've never seen anything like that on any of the flights I have taken. If you follow the rules and wear your mask, you won't have any problems. 



Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Aviator C

Don't conflate Southwest having to follow silly rules directed by the TSA and FAA with those actual bozos who created the rules... both after 9/11 and due to Covid. 


I don't like the rules, but I follow them.   And SWA is doing their best.   On my 40-50 flights this year, I haven't seen any issues.   


I did annoy one FA by leaving my mask off too much on one Hawaii trip.   I'll see if I can do the same tomorrow on my next one.   Hopefully they'll be more flexible since everyone on the plane is tested and most are vaccinated. 

Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Frequent Flyer A

I've literally been on well over a thousand flights in my life on many different airlines. I have witnessed multiple medical situations including an international flight that was briefly quarantined until the CDC had an official come to investigate the situation (that was a little scary). I have not, however, ever witnessed any type of fight, disagreement, security issue, or situation that involved the police or someone being removed from a flight. This stuff is anecdotal and sensationalist.  

Re: Afraid to fly Southwest

Frequent Flyer C

I agree with other responses, no body shares a normal flight that's on time with good service. 


When I fly the only things I say to flight attendants are, some type of greeting like "Hello" or "Good Morning," then when they ask what I want to drink I'll say what I would like than say thank you when they hand it to me then I say thank you again when I get off the plane. 


Of course now, I also wear my mask when I fly and don't complain. With this practice, I've never had problems with flight attendants.

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