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Face Coverings

Explorer C

I have taken a total of 4 flights on Southwest over the past two weeks as cases have been rising. Southwest and its employees are not enforcing the face mask requirement. With the number of cases, Southwest must enforce its own policy. Here are just a couple recent examples, during yesterday's flight #645, one of the flight attendants had her face covering on but not covering her nose . . . not okay. During flight 868, there were at least two passengers within a couple rows of me who were not wearing masks. A flight attendant offered a mask to one passenger and he declined, and there was no discussion about it. A passenger should not be able to board a plane if he/she does not have a face covering on. And, really, we don't need water or snacks on a one hour flight as it just gives people an excuse to take off the face covering. Please for the safety of your employees and passengers, Southwest must strive for 100% compliance. Thanks.


Re: Face Coverings

Aviator A

I do wish people would be more cooperative. 



Re: Face Coverings

Aviator A

There are people that, due to medical condition cannot wear masks.


Federal law prevents the airline from forcing them to wear masks, or from even asking them why they cannot wear masks.

Re: Face Coverings

Frequent Flyer A

On my two flights on Monday, they were requiring masks to board.


If you can't safely wear a mask, then it isn't safe for you to fly at this time. As a prominent surgeon recently wrote, masks might be a problem for people with advanced lung disease. However, anyone with lungs in that poor of shape shouldn't be going out in public right now.


The masks suck. They may make you feel like you are sucking for air. But, the fact is that it won't actually hurt you. Your mask protects others, and you could be killing someone else for your own comfort.

Re: Face Coverings

Frequent Flyer B

If you can't wear a mask due to a medical problem then you are putting yourself at great risk by flying. You are also risking contaminating a plane load of people and the flight crew.

Re: Face Coverings

Explorer A

Enforcing the mask policy does create an additional burden on the flight attendants.


The flight crew is there for our safety, aren't they?  Being safe does take extra effort during these times.


My gripe is that they (SW employees) should lead by example.  Moving your mask to cover your nose only when close to another is helping spread the disease, not prevent the spread of it.  Even worse is to wear it with your nose exposed.


I'm seeing about 1/2 of the ground crew and 1/3 of the flight crew do exactly that.


Not good.  Bad.