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Service dog separation

Explorer C

In November, I had 2 very disrespectful flight attendants try to tell me there was a new FAA law requiring all dogs to be up against the wall, under the window. I'm a disabled veteran, who has traveled extensively with my service dog, so I know better. These 2 flight attendants forced my service dog against the wall, by a different passenger, and when I stated that the law says my service dog is to be between my feet, the flight attendant told me that I should have sat by the window. So, now they are making up fake laws, separating disabled veterans from their service dogs, and trying to dictate where passengers are to sit. I have filed multiple complaints with southwest, and have been told I will receive a phone call fr corporate. It has now been 2 months, I have yet to receive a phone call, and got an email stating they are putting a $250 credit on my account. I'm sorry, but my life, and civil rights,. Are NOT worth $250. These flight attendants are absolute garbage, and the fact that nobody wants to make a phone call to actually explain this crap is completely unsatisfactory. I will be speaking to a civil rights lawyer next


Re: Service dog separation

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer community, other than helping you vent you won't get any resolution to your situation here.  Southwest has rules regarding placement of service animals, including the following:

"Animals must not block any exits or exit paths, or extend into the aircraft aisle"


If Southwest determined your dog was violating one of those rules, sitting against the window seems to be the best way to handle the issue.  I don't see how Southwest telling you to sit in a window seat instead of an aisle becomes a civil rights issue, but good luck with whatever you decide to do next.



Re: Service dog separation

Aviator C

@TheMiddleSeat @Diablito1269 Good point middle seat.  I've made complaints on here and the majority of the time provided data with those issues.  I see no evidence to your complaint, however, Middle Seat, does.  

Re: Service dog separation

Aviator C

I would recommend consulting a civil rights attorney.