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Credit Card False Advertising

Explorer C

I am new to SW and I booked a flight.  My chase credit card was pre-approved and all I had to do was click through.  Get a 200 credit.  To get the credit you need to make a purchase.  To make the purchase, I need to have the card.  I waited a day.  No card.  But there was a hit on my credit report so I know they were investigating me.  So that is just false advertising.  I cannot get the 200 credit without the card - period.   Apparently I was not pre-approved.


And, to add insult to injury, Chase Credit Card people want me to send a whole bunch of documentation -- even though they clearly know who I am or they would not have been able to see my credit report - and cause a decrease for the hit.  Not to mention, I must have 5 or 6 chase accounts - none of them are like this.  So I don't want the card.  It's too bad my credit took a hit.  But SW should stop offering this discount, this so-called pre-approved card and so on.   

I do hope I can get a decent seat - about that I am concerned.  What I've been reading is that a lot of people claim disabilities and get preboarded - and then the 150 people who got business tickets board.  Just seems like a lot of issues. 


Re: Credit Card False Advertising

Aviator A

1) Southwest does not offer credit card deals. Chase does. If there's a beef you need to take it up with the bank. Chase is in a marketing partnership with SW. So SW lets Chase advertise on the SW website.


2) SW dosn't sell 150 business tickets. The most it sells on any one flight is 15 -- and mpst tims it does not sell that many.

Re: Credit Card False Advertising

Aviator C

Whether Chase is a business partner, an alien from another galaxy, a member of the 5th dimension is completely irrelevant.


You were on Southwest's web page and they allowed to content to be presented.  


I would request that the inquiry be removed and your application be withdrawn.  I would also seek compensation for the $200 credit not received.


There needs to be accountability on Southwest.  You weren't buying from the Chase website.

Re: Credit Card False Advertising

Frequent Flyer A

I hope that you work out your issues with Chase. Your post clearly states you "booked a flight"  ie.) purchased a ticket for travel on Southwest. How did you pay for your ticket prior to having a Chase CC in your possession? How, with another form of payment or credit card this specific is an unknown to me since you clearly only state that you "booked a flight". Once you, "booked a flight" with another method of payment, any discount/rebate offered by Chase would be mute.

There is no false advertising here by SWA. 

Not really sure where you are going with the rest of your post?

I do wish you Safe travels  


Re: Credit Card False Advertising

Adventurer C

How is this false advertising?  The terms and conditions state that you have to use the new card you are issued to purchase the flight.  Then you get a statement credit of up to $200.  You need to physically have possession of the new card to make this purchase.


And besides, that is a terrible offer for opening a new Chase SW Credit Card.  At worst they usually offer 50,000 points as a signup bonus.  That is worth around $750.00 in flights at 1.5 cents per point.  Actually, right now they are offering 75,000 points as a signup bonus - worth about $1,125. 

Re: Credit Card False Advertising

Explorer C

It seems like there might be a misunderstanding or miscommunication in the process. If you have concerns about the offer or the application process, reaching out to the specific customer service for the credit card or the airline might provide more accurate and detailed information.

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