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Re: Deboarding

Aviator A

@fly-LUV wrote:

My inflight experience last week unfortunately confirmed the chaotic deboarding. It is unacceptable for SWA not to has done anything to protect fliers' health and safety during the pandemic. The SOCIAL-CROWDING during disordered deplaning becomes the biggest risk of viral-transmission in flight. The crowded aisle during deboarding could disturb the purified air circulation pattern, which could consequently spread the "dirty" air. The inflight protocols during such special times should be modified to have flight attendants guide the orderly deboarding until the last passenger exits the cabin door. SWA can provide better inflight services. 


Thank you.


Keep safety and health while flying Southwest,

I agree, but until that happens you can create your own social distancing by not standing up and getting in the aisle until the row in front of you has started to leave that row.


That's what I do.

Re: Deboarding

Aviator C

Just look at the and shake your head.  Maybe eventually they'll get a clue.


So far, in my experience, they won't.  At least most of them won't.  They are gleefully oblivious standing 2019-style up against their neighbor.


More reason to grab a window seat.  No butt in your face, ever.