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Horrific travel experience

Explorer C

I had the most horrific travel experience with Southwest Airlines yesterday. They canceled my flight 11 times and finally, I got on to go to Las Vegas, that flight was delayed almost missed coming home. Which is in Albuquerque. I have flown many many times in 60 years of my life but I have never had this kind of experience! I am not sure what was going on with them but I had the most stressful evening of my life! 

I need to know some kind of exploration from southwest airlines.


Re: Horrific travel experience

Aviator A

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.


The best explanation will come directly from SW. This is a customer community forum, so I recommend reaching out to SW via one of the Contact Us methods below.




-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Horrific travel experience

Aviator C

Canceled your flight ELEVEN times,  huh?   Sure....


I'm guessing you won't ever come back.   On to your next creative writing assignment.

Re: Horrific travel experience

Aviator A

Still got home the same day?  If that's the worst you've ever experienced while flying you're living right.



Re: Horrific travel experience

Aviator A

Glad you made it home!


I'd check out one of the flight view apps to see where your plane was coming from, otherwise you'll have to contact Southwest directly.



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Re: Horrific travel experience

Aviator A

@misukrankin1 wrote:

They canceled my flight 11 times 


I have flown many many times in 60 years of my life but I have never had this kind of experience!

Ah, the classic line.


Flights don't get cancelled more than once. They can get delayed multiple times. Sounds like you experienced delays, but even I doubt a single flight was delayed 11 separate times. 



Re: Horrific travel experience

Frequent Flyer A

11 cancellations in one day? Possibly "New Math?"

but seriously sorry to hear you had issues and glad to hear your completed your travel safely