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SWA changed my flight

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I am hoping someone can help me, surely there can be exceptions to rules when the request is reasonable. 🙂


We had nonstop flights scheduled for 3 people nonstop from CMH to RSW on 9/7/21 with return on 9/14/21.


Southwest changed the itinerary for both the outbound and return legs to connecting flights. Non-stop is no longer offered on our desired dates. BUT, there is a nonstop on the original outbound date (9/7) to TPA that would work for us. We're willing to take the alternate airport to keep our desired dates, but are being told we can only fly to RSW unless we pay a fare difference.


Is there anyone at SWA who can make an exception to the rule? RSW and TPA are practically the same market (it is only a 1.5-hour drive between them). We're willing to be flexible and make an additional drive. Can't Southwest be similarly accomodating?


Re: SWA changed my flight

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Contact Customer Relations , they may be able to help.  Typically you need to keep the same city pair, but I could see where an exception could be made.  You are typically allowed to change your flight for free within a few days of Southwest adjusting it so act quickly.



Re: SWA changed my flight

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Southwest has made this type of accomodation in the past.


A few years ago I recall someone who was desperately   trying to get back to somewhere on the east coast from Denver during spring break. Weather came in cancelling several flights including this person's flight. Due to cancellations combined with the spring break crush there was no way to do it - no seats were available for days..


I suggested the person get hold  of customer relations to see whether or not the person could leave from Albuquerque the next day instead. Southwest said yes, and the person rented a car and made the drive - and it is WAY longer than a hour an a half.

Re: SWA changed my flight

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I know TPA and SRQ are co terminal/sister airports I don't think RSW and TPA are co terminal/sister airports so you may be stuck with a flight to/from RSW or you can request a refund and book to TPA. Since your flight was changed by Southwest you can get a refund to your original form of payment if you choose to go that route you would need to reach out to Southwest by phone, on Facebook/Twitter, or you can use the in app chat feature.