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pricing methods

Explorer C

What pricing methods are utilized at Southwest Airlines?


Re: pricing methods

Aviator A

No company is going to share pricing strategies,  business plans, or any proprietary information with someone outside the company.

Re: pricing methods

Aviator A

@nkaiser Instead of 5 different, very vague posts, I would suggest you gather all your thoughts and requests into one clear and concise message and contact Southwest directly.  Good luck with the school paper?


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: pricing methods

Aviator C

In my experience, they release WGA fares at a midpoint.  Those that don't fill up get reduced, either through a sale or silently.  As they fill up, they go up in price in increments, every 10 or 15 seats or something.   They show you when only 5 seats are left at a given price point.   


Given the tendency of people to cancel lately, fares have been dropping regularly.   The ability to rebook at the lower fare is one of the many reasons I only fly SWA.


Anytime fares and Business Select seem to stay more constant,  usually much higher than the WGA fare.