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Re: early bird check in not honored

Aviator A

I don’t disagree with you, but you did get the early bird as advertised (which doesn’t guarantee an A-position) what you are asking for is a change to the early bird methodology which I don’t foresee happening. Even the name “early bird” is saying that you’ll be checked in automatically at an earlier time and not that you’ll get any specific position.


My constructive advice is if you want to board earlier then you need to get the priority option at the gate which is in the A1-15 range if it is available, fly enough to get A-list yourself, or for the most money buy a Business Select fare if the earlier position is that important to you. 


Early Bird seems to be going great for the company promising only to check you in automatically, I don’t anticipate they will change it.



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Re: early bird check in not honored

Aviator A

@120939663 wrote:

I'm still looking to hear comments on the early bird boarding process change I have requested of SW and was expecting comments from the defenders of Southwest Airlines disguised as "Top Contributors" (probably employees of SW).



You are NOT going to get a response from Southwest here because this is a customer to customer forum. You can make your suggestion to Southwest here: I personally think your idea has merit.


The community champions are not Southwest employees. We happen to be fellow travelers who, by experience, know quite a bit about how the airline operates. In my case, I've been flying Southwest since March, 1978- that's right -- for over 43 years..


Southwest employees are required to self identify.


Re: early bird check in not honored

Adventurer C

I buy early bird so I don't have to remember to check-in at 24 hours. I could care less where I am in line because I chose it for conveince(sp) not to get on early. If I wanted to get up at 6 am merely to check-in I wouldn't buy it but I'm lazy like that.

Re: early bird check in not honored

Explorer A

You need to preboard with medical boarding. Often those first seats are given to wheelchair passengers and if not, the first person on the plane (or continuing passengers already on the plane) will take them.