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covid test for domestic flight

Explorer B

we are driving our car to bellingham washington from Vancouver Canada for a 4 night trip to Las Vegas.No test i required to cross and border to u.s. but would we still be classified as international and be required to have a test,although travelling domestically?


Re: covid test for domestic flight

Aviator A

I'd defer this one to Southwest to be certain, but since you are flying a domestic flight, I don't see why you would need a COVID test.


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: covid test for domestic flight

Aviator A

Southwest has no idea you crossed a border to get to the airport. You are flying a domestic flight, no testing is required for the flight.



Re: covid test for domestic flight

Aviator A

You shouldn't have any problems once you're in the US, but Canada has its own set of requirements to re-enter the country. According to Canada's travel page, it sounds like you need to be vaxxed to be exempt from testing or if you are unvaxxed there is a whole other set of procedures to follow including testing negative and even quarantine to re-enter Canada:


Unvaccinated - Entering Canada by air or at a land border crossing

Meet these requirements if you are eligible to enter Canada, and do not qualify for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, or other special exemptions for your situation.